Making professional grade photography affordable for every mama.



Our new photography editing service is set to transform your social media feed and have everyone oohing and ahhing over your family moments.

Until now, if you wanted quality photos you could proudly show off to family and friends, you could do one of two things:

  1. Organise a professional photography shoot with editing (but COVID-19 has us all self-isolating right now) or
  2. Use photography apps and software that save you money, but cost you time and quality.

So we’ve teamed up with some of the most talented international photographers to give you the best of both worlds without leaving your home!

Now you can take your own photos using your camera or smartphone, upload them into our specially designed portal, and our highly acclaimed photographers will work their magic to brighten, lighten, sharpen and freshen your photos, so you can share them far and wide with confidence! 


(of talented photographers & editors!)

If you know Neishe & Co, you know we only work with the most talented women who produce the most beautiful pieces, and who value contribution as much as we do. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Hailey from Hailey Faria Photography and Mesha – Meshea from Olive Gray Photography who are seriously the best in the business! 


Hailey Faria Photography

Hi mamas! I’m Hailey, a North Carolina photographer who gets to spend my days taking pictures of families and also supporting the education market. For eight years now, I’ve been capturing childhood moments to remember, and was lucky enough to have a shoot I did for a daddy and daughter duo feature on Good Morning America. I love the emotion, nostalgia and unconditional love that comes from producing a beautiful picture, and draw so much inspiration from my own two children.


Olive Gray Photography

Hello, I’m Meshea, Owner of Olive Gray Photography, wife to a wonderfully supportive husband and mother to two beautiful children. Photography stirs my soul. I’m primarily a family photographer where I strive to capture authentic connections and tell stories genuinely and emotively. When I’m not behind my lens, you can find me on the beach, hiking, camping, or traveling with my family.

“Such an amazing idea!! I suck at editing and can’t really afford to buy an app or program to edit my photos, so this is flippin awesome.”


“Fantastic idea!! A lovely thought for the average mumma who doesn’t have Photoshop or the time or skills to edit in a professional way! Love it!!!”



(hover to see unedited image!)


(from hire to download!)


You don’t have to own a wardrobe full of special outfits for your little one to take amazing photos. Our hire service gives you access to a whole range of one-of-a-kind threads that will make your handsome little man or adorable little princess feel like a movie star! Simply order, shoot, send back and repeat if you wish! 

If you don’t need to hire any outfits but still want some edited photos, that’s okay too – this service is open for you too!


Unlike most editing or professional photography services who make you order a certain quantity, we have no minimum orders. This means you can pop through just one photo if you like. We do know it’s hard to stop at just one sometimes, so if you want to order a few more, you’ll see our super-giving photographers have popped in a little gift for you. When you order 5, 10 or 15 edits, they’ll create some bonus photos for your collection!


When you’ve ordered your photo editing, you will be directed to a page where you can upload the images from your laptop, phone, tablet or desktop. These are sent through our secure servers directly to our photographers, where they will sprinkle their editing dust over your masterpieces! 

To get the most out of your photos, make sure you take in our photographers’ expert tips before you point and shoot.


In under 3 working days, you’ll get an email sent to your inbox welcoming you to view and download your edited photos. There’s no license on them because they’re YOU’RE photos! So share them on instagram, Facebook, through Messenger – wherever your heart desires. The world needs some more joy spread around. 


(more examples of our gorgeous at-home edits!)


(Take smartphone photos like a pro!)

Editing can transform average photos into timeless treasures, but it needs a great foundation to start from. Here’s what you can do when snapping away to get the best of your editing experience:


  1. Have plenty of natural sunlight around, or good lighting if this isn’t possible
  2. Don’t use your flash
  3. Be sure the frame is in focus
  4. Remove clutter or distracting objects/people from the frame
  5. Try avoid snapping your subject (like your little ones or your pets) when they make rapid movements as this can create a blur
  6. Make sure you’re happy with the position of your little one’s face or body, as we can’t completely change what’s in the picture, just enhance it
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